1106, 2022

SIVA continues its path of continuous improvement: A new press with advanced Japanese technology added to the machine park


SIVA has added new advanced technology to its fleet, with the installation of the Japanese AIDA servo press of 200 tons power completed in April. A servo press is distinguished by the direct coupling of the motor to the mechanics, which allows programming the movement of the slide. It

1110, 2021

Investments in Cybersecurity


With the exponential acceleration of technological progress and global interconnectivity during the Fourth Industrial Revolution and with the further push to digitization generated by the pandemic, unprecedented risks and threats to the security of information systems emerge.Digital ecosystems are being created around us: countries, companies and individuals are taking advantage

0110, 2021

Completed the creation of measurement programs in the optical measuring system for all of our products


One year has passed since the introduction of the optical measuring system in the Stamping department, and our technicians have succesfully completed the creation and development of the measuring programs, initially made for the highest rotation items. The new measuring system is located in the centre of the Stamping

2205, 2020



The Covid-19 emergency has caused a major impact in different areas of our communities. SIVA reacted promptly and effectively by setting up the COVID-19 Committee on 24/02/20, which defined on 12/03/20 an internal prevention and safety protocol adhering to the guidelines provided by the government and health organizations. On

0309, 2018

SIVA strengthens its production departments


SIVA strengthens its production departments: we have added a workstation (CNC milling machine) to the tooling department to obtain greater productive capacity in the construction of new tools and in making the changes requested by customers. To this purpose, we also use a CAM software for the transmission of

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