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Do you also perform processing subsequent to stamping?2019-07-02T14:06:24+00:00

The company is organised mainly for stamping metals automatically. Nonetheless, we can perform subsequent assembly or take-up processing either in-house or outsourced to qualified suppliers.

Do you have an in-house Tooling department?2020-02-07T13:39:13+00:00
SIVA has an in-house Tooling Department with an exhaustive range of machinery for the construction and maintenance of tools for stamping and shearing.
Can you produce stampings with tools you did not construct yourselves?2020-02-07T13:39:44+00:00
We are without a doubt willing to try; nonetheless we will assess requests on a case-by-case basis after careful examination of the customer’s tool.
Do you also make tools intended for other manufacturing companies?2020-02-07T13:40:52+00:00
We are ready to accommodate any design and tool construction request, within the dimensional limits set by our equipment.
What type of tools can you make?2020-02-07T13:41:36+00:00
Progressive tools with one or more cavities, compound tools, intended for the production of highly critical parts or with special dimensional requirements.
What are the dimensional limits of the tools you can make?2020-02-07T13:42:30+00:00
The maximum dimensions of our tools are 1,000 x 600 mm.
Do you also supply parts with surface treatments?2019-07-02T14:11:46+00:00
We outsource the following surface treatments to qualified suppliers: tinning, zinc plating, copper plating, nickel plating, silver plating, Dacromet coating, Geomet coating, Teflon coating, painting, oil hardening and tempering, austempering.
Which is the capacity of your presses?2019-07-02T14:13:31+00:00
We have mechanical presses of between 30 and 250 tons.
What are the dimensional limits of the stampings?2019-07-02T14:14:04+00:00
We stamp parts with a prevalent size of between 2 and 300 mm.
Which material thickness values can you stamp?2019-07-02T14:15:01+00:00
We stamp materials of between 0.1 and 4 mm (5 mm in special cases, with restrictions on the width of the parts).
Which materials can you stamp?2019-07-02T14:16:48+00:00
We generally work with all metal alloys in the form of flat products (coils), and mainly: hot and cold rolled ferrous steel, hardenable steel (C60, C70), stainless steel (AISI 430, AISI 304, AISI 301), bronze, brass, copper and special copper alloys, aluminium and aluminium alloys.
Can you make prototypes?2020-02-07T13:44:45+00:00
We are available to make prototype stampings, but only as a preliminary activity leading up to the construction of a tool. Depending on the individual case, the prototypes may be built using purpose-built tools, or they may be laser-cut or wire eroded and bent using manual tools; these prototypes are generally intended for functional tests and do not fully represent the dimensions and tolerances of the parts that will then be generated by the final tool.
Which industrial sectors do you supply to?2019-07-02T14:25:04+00:00
We can supply products for any sector in the industry; currently our main customers are in the following sectors: mechanics, electro-mechanics, water heating and storage, household appliances, lighting, windows and doors, furniture, energy and the automotive industry.
Do you produce small series of stampings?2020-02-07T13:46:10+00:00
Automatic stamping is convenient compared to other production technologies based on a given quantity, depending on the dimensions of the stampings and on the type of tool used. Quantities in the region of a hundred parts do not usually justify the construction of a tool, nevertheless if the customer already has a suitable tool, we can offer a quote for the stamping processing alone.
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