The Covid-19 emergency has caused a major impact in different areas of our communities. SIVA reacted promptly and effectively by setting up the COVID-19 Committee on 24/02/20, which defined on 12/03/20 an internal prevention and safety protocol adhering to the guidelines provided by the government and health organizations. On 17/03/20 the biological risk analysis of Covid-19 has been formally carried out. The committee was formally established on 07/04/20, in order to monitor and improve the application of the internal protocol. The Committee meetings are minuted and the main elements of verification are the following:

  • The information of risks and behavioural norms to the staff; awareness and responsibility in the behaviour in the company and outside; the speed of reaction in case of critical situations.
  • The limitation to the entry of external persons into the company.
  • The daily cleaning and sanitation of all rooms (registered); personal hygiene precautions.
  • The constant use of appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and hand disinfectant, the dispensers of which are located in the centre of the production areas and offices.
  • Social distancing above the legal limits in production departments and offices.
  • Management of common spaces and limitation of movements between departments.

We want to assure our customers and suppliers that we will continue to address the current situation in a professional and transparent manner.  We make and will make every effort to maintain our supply capacity at 100% with the standards of quality and service that characterize us.

Although we still have to do completely without personal visits, our ICT systems still allow for communication and meetings by videoconferencing. In this regard, all your contacts are also available through this tool.