With the exponential acceleration of technological progress and global interconnectivity during the Fourth Industrial Revolution and with the further push to digitization generated by the pandemic, unprecedented risks and threats to the security of information systems emerge.

Digital ecosystems are being created around us: countries, companies and individuals are taking advantage of the rapid spread of the Internet and smart devices. In this context, a single vulnerable ring is enough to bring down an entire system, with a domino effect.

For this reason, since 2019 the Center for Cybersecurity of the World Economic Forum has organized the Cyber ​​Polygon annually in July, a unique event on cybersecurity that includes the largest technical training exercise in the world for business teams and an online conference with senior officials of international organizations and leading companies.

The latest exercises have shown that digital threats are best addressed by those organizations that proactively develop technical skills and have action plans at all levels, including top management.

In this context, the objectives we have set ourselves are:

  • Identifying the current and future challenges and opportunities in cyber security related to the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  •  Improving the cyber resilience of the organization, developing a customized and forward-looking solution that allows you to prevent cyber threats at all levels
  • Strengthening the relationship of trust with all interested parties

As a result, starting from April 2021, further investments in hardware, software, infrastructures, technical training have been planned and their application was completed in July.
These important investments have allowed us today to have different levels of protection against cyber-attacks, managed and monitored by a qualified external structure that in the event of an attack or hardware malfunction intervenes promptly with the appropriate counter measures, confirming our vision of SIVA as a reliable and competent partner in all respects.