Safety has always been one of the company’s main priorities because it epitomises our ethical view of work: respecting individuals and promoting activities aimed at preserving – and even improving where possible – the health of all our staff.

Safety also means reliability and guaranteed business continuity over time, which is why we have focused on Italian Leg. Decree 231 which envisages a form of exemption from administrative liability if the company demonstrates that it has adopted and efficiently implemented an organisation, management and control model which is designed to prevent the crimes envisaged by law from being committed.
The environment is also a top priority for SIVA, because the proper management of environmental impact within the company (waste, atmospheric emissions, etc.) and their periodic monitoring guarantee a healthy external environment, to the benefit not only of the company’s staff but of the entire community as a whole.

SIVA staff have all welcomed with great enthusiasm the proposal of further improving the Safety System, with tasks and responsibilities having already been assigned. The implementation of this new organisational model will be completed by the end of 2013.