Quality, reliability and transparency

Quality, reliability, customer service, technical and organisational expertise, flexibility, teamwork and transparency are at the core of our corporate philosophy.
For us, Quality means value added for our customers, awareness, proactiveness...

About Us

SIVA S.r.l. was established by the Antonelli family in 1973. For the last 40 years, SIVA has specialised in the shearing and stamping of sheet metal ....

03Sep 2018

SIVA strengthens its production departments

SIVA strengthens its production departments: we have added a workstation (CNC milling machine) to the tooling department to obtain greater productive capacity in the construction of new tools and in making the changes requested by customers. To this purpose, we also use a CAM software for the transmission of orders from the technical department to the production plant.


Philosophy and ethics

Our core values

Work is not limited solely to production. To work is to live the values that the company intends to pursue over time: continuous improvement; the development of talent and creativity; the dynamic consolidation of experience; the growth and fulfilment of people employed in the company and contribution to society and to the common good. We are looking for qualitative growth in the broad sense: profit is the means, while value is the end. We always work to broaden our horizons, with a medium and long term prospective in all strategic decisions for investment and relationships.

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